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commercial & residential services from conception to final delivery.

Polcan Construction has been operating in Southern Ontario since 2006. Polcan Construction is your demolition expert! We have the expertise and resources to handle any project big or small we demo them all.
Our highly trained team of professionals and top-of-the-line fleet
of equipment will help prepare you to build for a better future.

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Polcan Construction & Demolition

Complete Commercial & Residential demolition services

Recycle & Reuse Old Building Materials.

Full Excavation & Grading services

Occupational Safety and Health

Construction Services

Polcan Construction is your demolition expert! We will deconstruct, remove concrete and dispose of your old building making way for new. Polcan will leave your property clean and ready to rebuild. Polcan will even excavate for you - preparing for your next project. Polcan Construction is green! They will not fill landfill with your garbage. Where ever possible, recyclable materials will be diverted to consumers of those used goods. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

We deliver superior, professional services for our value customers.

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Demolition that clears the way for a new tomorrow.

Our comprehensive services address every aspect of your project.

Our expertise

Residential & Commercial Demolition
Excavating and Grading
Construction & Renovation
Concrete Cutting and Breaking
Site Preparation
Core Drilling
Floor Preparation
Scaffolding and Shoring
Excavation and Grading
Disposal Bin Rental

With an intense safety program, Polcan Construction ensures that employees and work sites adhere to strict safety guidelines, and each client receives a copy of our health and safety policy. All employees are required to participate in training programs. At the beginning of each project, we complete a comprehensive Job Safety Analysis that identifies hazards and outlines procedures and protocols to prevent accidents. As part of our continued commitment to health and safety, Polcan Construction has a full-time health and safety manager who monitors and regularly analyzes potential risks on job sites. We schedule "toolbox meetings" throughout each project to review health and safety issues.